Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in Business, Christmas Haul, or Get Your Butt Movin'

I couldn't really decide on a subject for my first non-scheduled post since I returned from "Christmas Break". Ok, I'm not a kid so I don't get a Christmas Break, but I didn't work Christmas for the first time in 10 years so cut me a little slack. I scheduled about 5 days worth of posts and when you do that, they don't always sound as good as you thought they would.

At any rate, I'm back to the real world, which is nice when it comes to blogging and commenting on other blogs. Following the blogosphere via the miracle of the IPhone is doable, but not nearly as much fun as sitting in front of a computer. Commenting is harder...posting...well, I haven't even tried that. So, in a way, I'm glad to be back to reality.

I'll skip to the friendly Get Your Butt Movin' part. If you haven't voted in the Blog Awards hosted by Drews Cards, well, get your Butt Movin'. Drew and his co-hosters have put some effort into this and I'm sure they would appreciate a few more votes. I put a link for you right there and here, here and here. The links all go to the same place. It's fairly easy and won't take long so go on and Rock The Vote.

Yours truly is nominated for Blog Trader of the Year, but you should really be voting for one of the other nominees. I've been the incredibly fortunate recipient of trade packages from everyone on the list except Mojo, and I know he sends out some amazing cards from his vault. You see trade posts all over the blogosphere from these guys and they either pull great stuff, buy great stuff, or just have great stuff to trade and they are all very generous. The nominees are:

Blog Trader of the Year:
- My Past Time… I Love It
- Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog
- Beardy’s Baseball Blog
- Play at the Plate
- Nachos Grande
- The Mojo Hand

One more quick plug, and I'll be doing this again at some point, but if you aren't following Night Owl's other blog reviewing the entire 1975 Topps set then you should be. You are missing out some of the most colorful (pun completely intended) blog commentary around. Oh yea, the set is great too so get over there right now and become a follower.

I was going to post my Christmas haul here, but I'll save that for was good, not as good as some. I didn't get a laptop like the Troll for goodness sake! I did get one really nice goodie and some ok stuff to go along with it. Until then...


  1. Thanks for the plug. The '75 Topps blog, like all of the other year blogs, is a niche blog. So I understand if it doesn't have a big following. People like to see the newest and the greatest.

    I'm stuck in 1975. I'm stuck being a 9-year-old. So I love it. That's all that matters.

    I think your mention as trader of the year is well-deserved. I have no Rangers to prove it.

  2. Posting from a laptop is definitely better than trying to post from my iPhone.

  3. Happy christmas and happy blog birthday !