Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nice Owl Niceties Part Deux

The last trade post I put up from the Night Owl was so old, he forgot he sent those cards. I'll bet the Owl recognizes at least one of these cards. This one was dropped via Air Owl on Oct 23rd. I'm frantically, well if you knew me, you'd know I don't do anything frantically, but I'm still trying to get through all the October trades. I know I've posted a few November ones already though. Let's take a look at a few of the cards Greg sent my way.

Here we have a couple of 1999 UD Ovation Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez cards. I'm normally not a fan of cards with overly large borders, but anytime you incorporate a baseball feel to a card, I'm on board. If you've never held one of these, the "thread" are embossed into the card so they a little like real threads. I have an unsorted box of these somewhere.

I had really high hopes for Brad Wilkerson when the Rangers acquired him. He didn't have the numbers to make those high hopes a reality. In two seasons with Texas, Brad played in 216 games, scored 110 runs, hit 35 homers and drove in 106 while hitting .228.

This 1992 Stadium Club Ruben Sierra is kind of a fun, quirky card. I'm guessing that was taken in his native Puerto Rico. He's dressed the part with the big bling and the tropical hat.

Other than the upcoming jersey card, this is my favorite of the bunch. This 1994 Stadium Club is another example of the excellent photography Stadium Club uses. It a good shot of a catcher in full gear. It just happens to be one of my favorite catchers ever.

Another 2009 Goodwin Ranger to check off the old wantlist. And by wantlist, I mean the one in my head since I don't have one down on the proverbial paper (word document). It doesn't show up in the pic but that Ranger blue is nice.
Greg, thanks for the "random Rangers" as your note said. You know I'll be looking out for stuff for you.


  1. I, um, sort of, uh, remember, those. Kind of. The Kinsler card anyway.

  2. The ovation cards are a favorite of mine. Integrating the baseball stripes into the design is too cool!