Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Late to the Party

Guess who finally organized their 2009 A&G and has a wantlist. Uh huh, it's me. You really should win a prize for guessing correctly, but I don't have anything to give you. Well, I do, but I'm saving it for a New Year's Contest. This list does NOT include the minis. The needs are great in that area and maybe, just maybe, I'll get that posted before going on a little Christmas break.

Sketch Cards: 10, 14, 15

Base: 53, 66, 133, 222

SP: 304

That's it! I have many, many dupes as well and if someone doesn't need them, they are going to start going TTM for autos.

If you can help, THANK YOU! If not, thanks anyway, just for taking a sliver of your day to read my blog. Thanks to all of you, I should top 6000 hits today and I've only been going since October 1st. Thank you everyone!

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  1. You, late to the party? How about me, three years late to this post!!