Friday, December 11, 2009

Completing the trade with the Orioles--and how they spent the salary savings

If that post title doesn't bring in the readers, I don't know what will. Actually, if wanted it to garner more hits, I should have put the word contest in the title. But, I won't be having another one of those until January.

Several people commented they didn't realize the Ray-Millwood deal involved the PTBNL from the Orioles. The Rangers received the Orioles Rule 5 draft pick which turns out to be a pitcher from the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the SF Giants AA affiliate. Benjamin Snyder, a 24 year old southpaw, went 4-4 with one save in 2009. He made 5 starts, but also made 29 relief appearances. Overall he had a 2.88 ERA, with a .146 average against by left-handed hitters. His ERA in relief appearances was only 2.04 and Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels says Snyder should be competing for a 2010 roster spot as a left-handed setup man.

We'll have to wait and see how Snyder pans out, but the real key to the trade was freeing up the salary to sign Rich Harden to a one year deal with an option for 2011.


  1. Contest is a good way to generate hits. I hope that Harden can help you guys out this year.

    Also, I got the cards in the mail today. Thanks a bunch. Even though I, like everyone else, can't stand the set, there were a couple of good looking cards in there that I wouldn't mind getting signed.

    I wish I had a way of getting that Mark Quinn card signed. THAT was a sweet card.


  2. Am I misunderstanding or did you just say you are offering a contest in which Benjamin Snyder is the prize? Er...

    But seriously, good job. I did not see that info post on Orioles chat boards or on Pretty impressive that you broke that info. to me.

    As an Orioles fan, the more I think about the Millwood trade the more I don't understand it. If the Rangers ate more of his salary it would be fine.

    Millwood may have one more good year left. I sure hope so. He has had a few good years in his career.

    If Ray and Snyder make the team and have era's under 4.00 it is a win for the Rangers. Or if Harden pitches 170 innings it's a win. So it is likely the Rangers will be better off one way or the other. I wish the Rangers well with this.

    I have three Turkey Red game used Jerseys of Ray. One is black, one is white, one is orange. They look cool but...ah...sad.

  3. Z-Glad you got the cards ok. I included a few extras for everyone to take the sting out of actually having the Documentary cards in your hand!

    Ken-Thanks, I think the Rangers could use all the well wishes they can get.

  4. Richmond's just down I-64 for me. I'm going to have to make it up there for a game next season.