Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surprise from the Troll

I sometimes like to send out little packages that aren't part of a trade. Maybe it's a card or two off a wantlist. Maybe it's just something I think someone will like. Recently, the Collective Troll did that to me. He who is now doing a mid-90s box break sent me a couple of things he KNEW I would like. He was right.

I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. I like catchers. It goes back to my days as a little league catcher. Being involved in every pitch was amazing. I liked the view of the field. I've got a post about why I like catching/catchers coming up. I love cards showing plays at the plate. I've gotten many of them from fellow bloggers/traders in the last few months. This Gary Carter is a nice one. It may not catch the other player, but the expression on his face tells a story. Growing up, Gary wasn't on my radar much as a collector. I'm sure it had everything to do with his team. When you're 12 years old and growing up in small town Texsas, Montreal isn't really a place as much as it is a name on a map.

Even as a rookie card collector at the age of 11, I knew who Carlton Fisk was. One of the Little League teams I played on was called the Sox and I WAS Carlton Fisk. I don't think I ever looked as perturbed/mad/sad as Fisk looks on this 1980 Topps card. The stands look empty so maybe he's coming in from the bullpen or going into the dugout. By the way, I started collecting in 1981, so ANY pre-1981 card is appreciated, Rangers or not.

Marck included a couple of Rangers and these:

I know what you're thinking. They're 2009 A&G minis. We've seen them before. On this very blog. Well, I'm still trying to finish the mini set. I think I may only need 100 more. Right, a 100. Troll threw these in and the three at the top are SPs. I'm pretty sure that Shef is one I need for the base set as well.

Troll, thanks so much for the surprise. You never know when one will hit your mailbox!


  1. I figured you would appreciate it! The 1980 Gary Carter is one of my favorite cards of all time. I buy it every time I see one and like to include them in trades. I have always wondered if it was a "staged" card. It is almost too perfect. Merry Christmas!

  2. Troll is sneaky like that!! He's done it to me a few times now.