Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Priority Mail from Ryan's Memorabilia

When it absolutely, positively has to be there in 2 or 3 days, Mike from Ryan's Memorabilia sends it Priority Mail. At least when he mails packages to me he does. Of course, you just KNOW this trade came in back in October...the 16th as a matter of fact. Mike likes to get his cards to his trading partner asap so think about that when you send him your Cal Ripken Jr. cards. And you should mail him some Cals, because he WILL make it worth your while. Don't believe me? Check this out.

This 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Josh Hamilton finds a nice home here in Dallas. I have a few of these aquired through trades and this one fills a hole in the collection.

I bought a handful of discounted blister packs of 2008 Goudey, but this is my first 2009 Hamilton Goudey. That green background is weird.

Someone sent me one of these 2008 UD Baseball Heroes cards with Josh Hamilton on it. The back of this one says Ryan, Maddux and Johnson had a combined 13,603 Ks prior to the start of 2008. That's a boatload of Ks. These were meant to be auto'ed.

Here we have the Nolan Ryan Trio. Sounds like a bad folk band. I'm not sure why this pic is so much smaller than the rest. I really like the flaming ball on the 1993 Fleer Ultra card. Nice touch.

Mike sent a heap of Juan Gonzalez cards. Here are just a few of them. My favorite is the 1997 Finest Masters...maybe because the back shows Juan and Will Clark celebrating a victory with high fives all around.

Do these 6 1990 UD Juan Gonzalez rookies make me a prospector?

What could make this 1997 Pinnacle Museum Collection Juando better? I would say a pic in a throwback uni, but it already has that. So, I'll say nothing.

This is the first 1996 Leaf Limited Pennant Craze card I've ever seen. I like it, even though I'm not a huge fan of die-cut cards. The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure those are Yankees in the dugout in the background. It's numbered 1488/2500. Probably a fairly limited print run for 1996.

This card, like the two above, is in a screwdown holder, which is why it looks scratched. It's a nice 2001 Ovation Piece of History Ivan Rodriguez bat card. If you had pulled this back in 2001 it might have meant something to you more than it would today because of too many relice cards. Well, it still means something to me!

I laughed when I saw this 1996 Score Pudge card. According to Mr. Johnson, pictured on the bottom left, Pudge's quickness behind the plate reminds him of a hockey goalie. By all means, let's make a card celebrating that quote. It does make for a funny card. As a side note...if the NHL wants to increase scoring, make the goalies wear this gear while netminding!
Mike, thanks again for the trade package. You should have received something from me in the last day or two.


  1. Nice stuff. I like that Gonzalez Museum Collection cards A L O T