Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So long Pudge

This isn't breaking news anymore, but Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez has left the building. Or the Ballpark. I'm sad to see him go, again, but at least the Rangers tried to keep him. His 2 year, $6 million dollar deal with the Nationals was most likely the very best financial deal he was going to get anywhere. Depending on which story you read, Pudge is supposed to be a mentor and backup for Jesus Flores, but it is highly likely that he opens the 2010 season as the starter with Flores rehabbing from right shoulder and elbow surgery.

Pudge has put up incredible numbers over the course of his career, but the three most important numbers remaining are hits, batting average and of course the money.

He has 2,711 hits and would need two extraordinary seasons with Washington to reach the magic number of 3000. Considering Pudge hasn't had more than 150 hits in a season since 2006, he may need another contract after this one to make it.

Pudge has a career batting average of .299. Over the last three seasons his batting average is .269 so he has some work to do to pull the average up over .300 and keep it there.

As far as the money goes, at this point in his career it makes sense to go where the most money is, but that is one part of all sports that I don't like.

While I'm sorry to see him go, especially to a team like the Nationals, I understand it's a business. I just hope he goes in the Hall of Fame as a Ranger.

Thanks for all the great seasons Pudge.


  1. Got the package homie, thanks so much i'll be posting it tonight.... Hey B when you going to do a trade bait post.... I'm dying to see what you got!

  2. Well said. I'm sad to see Pudge leave especially with Salty getting shut down this winter while playing in the Dominican and Teagarden having yet to prove that he can hit major league pitching. I guess Max Ramirez will get a shot eventually.

  3. It is a bummer to think about Pudge not retiring as a Ranger.

  4. Wicked...I'm working on something for a trade bait post for after Christmas.

  5. I thought Bones was bad, couldn't imagine going through life as Pudge!!