Monday, December 14, 2009

Wicked 2: The Sequel

If you've never completed a trade with the Wicked one from My Past Time...I Love It!, then you are missing out. I mean that. Just peruse the blogosphere and check out the posts of other bloggers who HAVE traded with him. He actually goes out and buys cards just to have more trade bait. Plus, he collects my favorite, Will Clark, and usually has a nice Clark card to add to our trades. Here is a sample of what he sent over this time.

I've gotta show the minis. Don't question it. I just do.

Any Josh Hamilton, especially one I didn't have, is welcome in my house. This 2008 UD Piece of History is no exception. That doesn't mean I want to collect the whole set. Anyone need a little border? Anyone?

If you couldn't see the cactus...cacti??? the background of this 1991 Fleer Ruben Sierra card, you might think this was celebrating the movie 2012. It looks like Armageddon is breaking out. In reality, the card is commemorating Ruben becoming the new Sheriff in town.

This is complicated, so follow closely. The card on the right depicts Will's sweet homerun swing. The card on the right depicst Will scoring the run from said homerun. Sure he's wearing a different uniform, but that's ok. Mark McLemore is there to celebrate the homerun with an impending pat on the butt...we all know athletes do it, but to have it forever memorialized on a card, well that's just wrong.

This 1993 Upper Deck Grand Slam Limited Edition (sounds like a little boxed set) Will Clark brought back some good memories. The ghostly holo-Will is telling the real Will, " Run Forrest Run!" This card is commemorating Will's 4 career grand slams (as of 1993). He would go on to hit two more, both in 2000, one each for the Orioles and Cardinals. His one post-season grandslam was off Greg Maddux in the 1989 LCS against the Cubs. All Will did in that series was go 13 for 20 with 6 extra base hits, 2 of them homers, and 8 rbis.

This 1990 Collect-A-Books Will Clark is very interesting. I may need to feature this later so all I'll say is I've seen these on other blogs, but this is my first.

Now for the Wicked Hits. This is a very nice 2008 POH Joe Mauer Box Score Memories jersey. The swatch is small. The pic is small. BUT, it is a "Box Score" insert so having the box score makes sense. Anyway, all that matters is it's mine now.

I'm as tired of plain old white jersey swatches as you are. Somehow when it's from your favorite player, it's not so bad. Add to that this is my one and only 2006 Legendary Cuts card of any kind and it's nice. And it's tied for my favorite card of the whole package with this...

I don't even care that this is Pudge in a Tigers uniform. This 2004 Fleer Award Winners Inscribed jersey card is amazing. First, it's #28/49. Second it's not just a swatch. I'm not sure which part of the jersey that is from, but it's the edge, with the top of the black part tapering down toward the bottom. That white part at the bottom left of the window is empty space. All in all a very nice card.

Thanks Mr. Wicked!! As always I appreciate your generosity.


  1. Fantastic, I now know of another Clark collector or two. I'm just starting the revival of my player collections and he's one of them.

  2. I'm sure I'll have sume dupes for you!

  3. I got one of those book cards last month, they are too cool.