Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Discounted Blasters Calling My Name

I know what you're thinking. Why is he buying discounted blasters this close to Christmas? I didn't want to do it. I didn't even want to go to the card aisle. I'm standing there looking at the lettuce, trying to decide if the only difference between red leaf and green leaf lettuce is color, and the next thing I know I'm standing in front of the freshly stocked card section. My mind is eased as I notice it's all football and newer hockey stuff. There is nothing wrong with those if that is what you're into, but I can pass.

But wait.

On the bottom shelf, next to the discounted 2008 Topps Football and 2008 Rookies and Stars I see it. It is staring me in the face. Mocking me. Laughing because Christmas is upon us and I can't afford it.

What he doesn't know is that I got a little bonus from work and I can afford him. And all his little buddies. I scooped up that 2006 Topps Chrome blaster, smiled at the 50% off label and proceeded to look for more. But I would soon be disappointed. He was all alone. I've since been to the other two Wal-Marts in the area with no sign of any more of these 2006 boxes. Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy it for what it is...something new to open! I have a couple of 2006 Topps Chrome Rangers that I've picked up in trades, but I've never opened any. So let's get to it. (I'll apologize up front for the crappy pics. These didn't come out great because of the background color).

Pack 1

#370 Freddie Bynum--Bynum played in 7 games with the A's in 2005, 71 games with the Cubs in 2006, and 110 games with the Orioles in 2007-2008.
#304 Matt Cain
SDR-GR Declaration of Independence Signers George Ross--Ross was initially a Crown prosecuter, but changed loyalties and served in the Pennsylvania milita (1775-1776) and in the Continental Congress.
#54 Jayson Werth

Pack 2

#55 Mariano Rivera--You might have heard of him
#120 Zack Greinke

#294 Jason Kubel XFractor

#9 Jeremy Reed

Pack 3

#298 Matt Capps

#278 Russ Martin

#321 Drew Meyer Refractor--Drew played in 5 games for the Rangers in 2006 and went 3-14 with no rbis.

#137 Jim Edmonds

Pack 4

#82 Ronnie Belliard

#119 Kazuo Matsui

MMHRC100--Mickey Mantle Refractor #98/500--I'm just as tired of Mickey as most of you, but this shiny card is beautiful. If a card can be such a thing. These are inserted 1:350 according to the box.
#121 Jimmy Rollins

Pack 5

#287 Tommy Murphy--Murphy played in 68 games for the Angels in 2006-2007. Did you know there were 41 Murphys with Major League service? According to Baseball-almanac.com anyway. That's a lot of Murphys.

#249 Mike Lowell--It looks like the Rangers trade for Lowell is dead since he's having surgery on his thumb. Why wait until now to get the surgery and not do it the first day after your season is over. That's dumb.

SDC-GT Declaration of Independence Signer George Taylor--Taylor was an Ironmaster and provided munitions to the Continental Army. He was a replacement to the Continental Congress after 5 Pennsylvania reps were forced to resign. Did you know 6 of the 56 signers were named George? I didn't either.

#98 Jorge Cantu
I got an Angel and a Devil in the same pack.

Pack 6

#228 Scott Kazmir--back to back Devil Rays

#211 Miguel Tejada

#141 Chris Capuano XFractor
#205 Joe Crede

Pack 7

#245 Nick Swisher
#228 Scott Kazmir Refractor--three Rays in three packs.

MHRC60--Mickey Mantle #60
#18 Jorge Posada

Pack 8

#281 Kelly Shoppach
#31 Tom Glavine
#162 Reggie Sanders Blue Refractor (1:8) That blue looks really nice on a Royalls card. I'll bet those Royals cards all looked good in Blue. Dodgers too.
#85 Jack Wilson
Only one Ranger and a couple of Refractors/XFractors, but these are nice. At just about $1.20 a pack after taxes, I'd buy some more of these.


  1. Nice find. I don't think I could have passed it up, either. I could definitely use the Edmonds cards if it's expendable.

  2. The discounted blasters are hard to resist. For me it's repacks and discount blasters that call out to me from the produce aisle.

  3. nothing like that at my walmart, dammit - nice stuff except for all the stinkin Mantle Parallels.

  4. You have got some great discounted blasters down there in Texas. I finally found an '08 Stadium Club last week, though.

  5. Madding, I'll put the Edmonds with the 2007 Bowman Heritage I put aside for you.

  6. Oh two xfractors. That is pretty nice.

  7. Blue Reggie Sanders??? Sweet!

  8. that Declaration of Independence cards is awesome. I love these little oddball cards.