Thursday, December 17, 2009

Retro Pack War!

I made a trip to Target and the card shop on Wednesday. I had a few extra dollars from an early Christmas gift and needed a few supplies. New packs are supplies right? I didn't see anything I really wanted at Target, but got the idea to do a Retro Pack War and picked up one pack of 2009 A&G and one pack of 2009 Goodwin. At the card shop I picked up two more packs of 2004 Chrome (I'll show those soon) and 4 packs of 2009 Topps 206. I randomly picked one of the Topps 206 packs to go up against the A&G and Goodwin in a Pack War. I'll show the results of the other 3 206 packs tomorrow.

The points will break down as follows: however I want. So lets go.

This pack war will begin with the earliest release, 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter.

1 Retail Pack--$2.99 6 cards (50 cents/card)

Design +10 points

Gintery Goodness +10 points

#166 Gil Meche 0 points

#265 Paul Konerko 0 points

#240 Hank Blalock +5 points for being a Ranger

#251 Carl Crawford +2 points just because

#301 Jonathan Sanchez Black Bordered Mini +10 black bordered SP mini I need, -5 for being a Giant

NP69 Ryan Rowland-Smith +2 for being Australian

-3 points for not filling any of the holes in my base wantlist

Overall +31 points

Goodwin is up next, but with only 4 cards it has to be really good to beat A&G

1 Retail Pack--$1.99 4 cards (50 cents/card)

Design +15

#92 Dennis Eckersley +2, He's the Eck!

#117 Carlos Zambrano -5 Stupid pose

#84 Joe Lewis mini +1 mini, -3 non-baseball subject

#148 David Price +3

Overall +13 That was a pretty blah pack.

Topps 206 is up now and has the most cards per pack. It should fair well.

1 Hobby Pack--$5.99 9 cards (67 cents/card)

Design 0 points

Most expensive of the three cards -5 points

# 15 Max Scherzer 0 points
#241 Kris Medlen Rookie +1 point

#93 Victor Martinez +1 point for being a catcher

#278 David Dreese Rookie +1 point, terrible picture -2 points
#146 Tony Gwynn Jr. +1 I liked his dad
#102 Hanley Ramirez +2
#138 Elvis Andrus +5 Ranger +1 Rookie
Mickey Mantle Checklist -5 Continuing to make a collecting icon irrelevant.
#269 Russell Martin Gold Parallel +5 for being gold, or is it bronze, parallel, +1 catcher
#51 Zach Greinke Polar Bear mini +15
Overall +21. A nice pack with the Andrus, Martin and Greinke.
The winner is 2009 Allen and Giner. I always knew it would be, even if I had to manipulate the numbers. Which I did not.


  1. +2 for CC---yes! And I'm with you on the t206 price tag---$5.99 is a bit much.

  2. #51 Zach Greinke Polar Bear mini +15 would you trade it??

  3. -eleventy-billion points for not having any Phillies in a post.