Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roll Out the Trade Barrel

Just a few weeks ago Ed over at Roll Out the Barrel posted a pack break of Topps 206. I really needed, or maybe just wanted, the bronze parallel of Elvis Andrus he pulled. Ed was kind enough to fill the package with other Rangers cards as well.

This is the aforementioned trade impetus. No, I didn't get a "Word-of-the-Day" calendar for Christmas. Why do you ask?

This is at least the second one of these reverse negative 1990 Donruss Juan Gonzalez cards I've received in a trade. I have another one from Wicked Ortega. I'll be nice and not show that one, but don't be surprised if I mention it.

David Murphy looks mighty pleased on this 2009 Topps Heritage card. Maybe he knows something about the 2010 season that I don't know.

This 1992 Topps Bobby Valentine says he's a winner (in foil just above the team name), but Bobby went 581-605 in his Rangers managerial career and would not make it through the next season. Does that sound like a winner to you?

This 2008 UD Series 1 Michael Young Starquest card shows one of the things I like about Young. He's not afraid to get dirty on the job.

I like the 2006 Fleer Ultra cards. This gold Michael Young is no exception. I was never a big fan of those sleeveless uniforms though.

Here we have a trio of 2008 Allen and Ginter Rangers. I think I already have the Young and Kinsler, but I didn't have the Kazuo Fukumori.

I really like these 2001 Fleer EX cards. This Rafael Palmeiro has great colors and I really like the thick cardstock and the Rangers logos on the card.

How about some nice 1989 Bowman Rangers. We have Charlie Hough, obviously throwing a knuckle ball, Jim Sundberg, and Buddy Bell. A trio of Ranger greats if ever there was one.

Ed, thanks so much for the cards. I hope you enjoy the ones I sent as well!!!

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