Monday, December 21, 2009

Cards from Reader Joe

In mid-November, I received an email from a reader named Joe. He said he had Greers, Clarks and other Rangers if I was interested in shipping some Mets/Piazzas his way. That kind of email is alright in my book. Before I could even round up his cards I received a package in the mail. Here are some highlights of the package.

This 1997 UD Rusty Greer commemorates his second career grand slam. It also shows what a good season Rusty had in 1996. .332 average in 139 games. He had 180 hits, 41 doubles, 18 homers, 96 runs and 100 rbis. Not bad for a guy a lot of people didn't know about.

A little 1991 Fleer "Will crushes the ball with a devilish smirk on his face" card and one I never saw, 1999 Finest. I spent a ton of cash on cards that season and didn't know this card existed.

This is another card from one of the mass releases of the mid to late 90s. I know I bought some Aurora back in those days, but don't remember this Juan Gonzalez card. The white spaces are cut out of the card (that is the paper I put the card on for the pic).

A nice, thick 2006 Bowman Heritage Ian Kinsler parallel. This is a very nice addition to the collection.

Now we're talking. One for my favorite player list. This is a very nice 2006 Turkey Red RED Carl Yaztremski. Much like one blogger likes his Dodger parallels to have blue borders, red makes Yaz look even better.

Joe included the 2009 Turkey Reds for my son. That is much appreciated Joe. He loves getting stuff in my trade packages.

Every trade package has one or two cards that just make it special. This is that card. A sweet black bordered 2007 UD Masterpieces Carl Yazstremski Captured on Canvas jersey card. Complete with stitching holes.

Joe, I hope you enjoyed the package I sent you as much I enjoyed this one. Thanks for all the cards, especially the Turkey Reds for the kiddo.


  1. Sweet cards! I really miss die-cuts like that Juan Gonzalez. I always liked Rusty Greer even though he played for a division rival.