Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beer and Nachos

Group breaks are a lot of fun.  I always go for the Rangers if they're available and many group breaks will give you a random team as well.  I drew the Brewers as my random team in one of Nachos Grande's recent breaks.  That's not a bad thing as I can easily trade away the Brewers I pulled.


The one Brewer I got that caught my eye was this 1988 Topps Robin Yount mini.  I kind of grew up in the Yount/Brett era and always appreciated their games. 

One of the boxes revealed this 1999 Pacific Revolution Ivan Rodriguez.  It almost has a Skybox Metal look to it. 

My favorite card from the break was this 2003 Donruss Champions Nolan Ryan #45/100.  It's a great addition to the team collection and I'm glad it made it's way back to Texas. 

You should give Chris' break a chance next time he has one.  It's always fun and you never know what you'll add to your collection.  Thanks Chris!

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  1. Glad you liked 'em! The Nolan Ryan was a nice surprise to be sure!