Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sleeping Through History

By now you've heard of Josh Hamilton's exploits against the Orioles last night.  He became the 16th player in Major League history to hit four homeruns in a game.  His 18 total bases set an American League record.  I was sleeping through the whole thing.  Sometimes working nights is a real bummer. 

I think it's interesting that Elvis Andrus was the only runner on base for all four homeruns.  I also find it interesting that a four homer game is more rare (16 times) than a perfect game (21 times). 

Tim Kurkjian, from ESPN, had my favorite line of the night.  He said Hamilton's 18 total bases last night are equal to the 18 total bases Albert Pujols has in his last 19 games.  That's not a typo.  Pujols has 18 total bases in his last 19 games and that includes his first homer of the season.  Amazing. 

Thanks for another Ranger memory Josh. 


  1. Somebody's looking for a payday at the end of the season huh?
    I like what Wash said. It doesn't matter why he's producing, b/c he is!
    Love it

    Also love the fact that Josh is on one of my fantasy teams!

  2. And guess which sad-sack Orioles fan was there? It was pretty amazing to see, even though I couldn't force myself to stick around for the entire drubbing.