Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm a Pro

As in Procrastinator.  I'm so good at it, I had to make it a proper noun.

I've been sitting here for hours doing two things.  Sorting through two 800 count boxes of Rangers I've received in trades and trying to stay awake while doing it.  My eyes keep crossing and my Donruss Rangers end up in my Fleer Rangers stack.  It's a real problem.

I'm terrible when it comes to organizing.  As trade packages come in, I scan a few and once I've posted the trade, I stick the cards in this 800 count box.  The plan is to sort them and update my want list within the week.  It never, and I mean NEVER, happens that way.  The way it really happens is that 800 count box fills up, I look at it disgustedly, and then the next 800 count box fills up.  That leaves me with another time consuming sort and update to do.  I know I don't like doing it that way, but that doesn't provide sufficient motivation for me to do it the right way the next time.

So that's why you get no pics and probably only one post today.  I'm a Pro.

How do you sort the cards you get in the mail?  Do you sort them and update your want list immediately?  Do you let them build up a bit?  I know there is a better way than I'm currently doing it so I'm interested in your method.


  1. Sorry I'm a Pro...crastinator also. When my packages come in I usually at least mention them at my TCC blog (sometimes I slip up and don't do that) and then try to get some of them mentioned on my blogspot blog ( at least the more interesting ones. Usually though my incoming stack gets grossly too high and I have to sort through and decide which ones to highlight. I need to get back on track with all my blogging. Even my non-cards blog I have been neglecting lately and I try to at least post there once a month so that my post calendar will have each month filled out.

  2. There is no better way. The only better way I know is becoming independently wealthy and ditching all family responsibilities.

    I also do the same: open mail, put cards in "to be scanned" piles, scan cards (when I have time), post cards (when I have time), place cards in "to be recorded" pile, record cards (when I have time), place cards in "to be filed" pile, file cards (when I have time).

    Haven't even gotten to the piles of cards designated to send out to people.

  3. Mine pretty much follows Night Owls. I open the package, look at the cards, put a post-a-note on the stack with who sent it, add it to the to be scanned stack. Eventually scan them then they go to the add to lists pile and eventually get put away. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of scanned cards on my computer still waiting for me to blog about.