Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Contest Winner Announcement

Well, my idea for a contest that would last a few days got shot down by a Toronto walk off homer. 

Oh well, the contest must go on.  We had 31 entries and since I still can't get videos to load from my phone, I took a screen shot of the winner. 

I know it's small, but I wanted you to see I randomed three times as usual.

The winner of the GQ Value Pack is....

AdamE.  Adam, better known as the author of Thoughts and Sox, congrats and I'll get this out to you on Thursday!


  1. Dang, two Adams at the top, and I'm the one in second. Poop.

  2. Don't ever do this contest again.

  3. Play,
    As an Angels fan I'm glad it only lasted 1 day! If I was to do this contest for the Angels it would have to be for losses lol.

  4. Well that went a little quicker than I figured.