Friday, May 25, 2012

One Man's Clutter

We trade cards for a variety of reasons.

Number one on the list for me is to inch ever closer to a complete Rangers team collection (it'll never happen, but a man's got to try.)   Trading cards also takes me back to a simpler time.  A time when I was a kid and the biggest worry I had was what to offer my buddy for a 1976 Walt Williams card.

Another reason for trading, one that is moving higher on my list of reasons, is to clear out some clutter.  The more I focus on my team collection, the more EVERYTHING else is a waste of space.  That may lead to a grand clearance of some sort after summer is over.  If I can manage to get that organized!

It was a $1 auto and clutter that led to the latest package, this time from Kevin over at The Diamond King.  "Sorry about the extras, but they were cluttering up my house!  They are your problem now.  Thanks for reading!"   That was the note Kevin included with these cards.

Bert Blyleven...clutter????  How dare he!  Look at that sly look.  It's as if he knows the Hall of Fame will come calling.  In 33 years.

Look how young and innocent Ruben Sierra looks on this 1986 Fleer Update card.  I'm not sure if that's a TTM or in person auto, but the blue Sharpie looks great with the blue border and Ranger blue.

The ink is pretty light on this 1988 Topps Pete Incaviglia, but that's another auto.

The reason Kevin sent this package was this 2003 Fleer EX Essentials Emerald Hank Blalock auto #96/299.  Speaking of clutter, how about the title for that card?  That's cluttering up the blog right there!  Kevin picked this up for a buck at a show and I mentioned that I might have a home for it.  I know it's Hank Blalock, but it still amazes me what you can get a card show for a dime, a quarter or a buck.  I really need to get to a show soon.

Kevin, thanks for the "clutter"!  I'll be looking to return the favor soon.

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