Sunday, May 20, 2012

Worth the price of admission

Sometimes you find the most amazing things in a box of randomness.

Suppose someone offers to send you said box of randomness.  You open it and all kinds off stuff pours out.

You could find a Yankee you've never heard of from a set that's been in the blogs a lot lately.  See here and here.

You could find a Mariners card of a forgetful first ballot Hall of Famer.  He must be forgetful or he wouldn't need that chunk of gold to remind him he wears #24.

You could find a card that would get you popped by airport security.

You could find one of the ugliest cards ever produced of one of today's most dominating pitchers.

You could find a card of a guy who somehow manages to keep hanging around the majors (even if he hasn't played yet this year).

You could find a play at the plate involving one of your team's players.  A play at the plate that looks like the middle of a double play.

You could find a card of a legendary player that is just about to make a play at the plate.

You could find a hideous card of a Hall of Fame catcher.

You could find a green parallel of a guy you collect.

You could find a card of a bad-ass mutha who doesn't even play baseball.   Does that look like a man who needs Siri's help to find mushrooms for his organic risotto?  I don't think so.

You might even find a card of a woman so hot she's worth the price of admission to a comic book movie. If you haven't seen the Avengers yet, enjoy this card.  Scarlett Johansson makes that suit look good.

This is the last of the goodies from the random box from Tomahawk Chopping.  Thanks a lot Derek!

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