Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gypsy Queen vs. Vintage: Round 6

Welcome to Round 6 of Gypsy Queen vs. Vintage.  I think by now it's pretty clear where I think the best value is for these two purchases.  That said, we've come to far to stop now.

GQ Pack 11

Jaime Garcia, Cardinals.  Meh
Jesus Guzman, Padres.  
Yunel Escobar, Blue Jays
Ricky Nolasco, Marlins

Nick Markakis, Orioles Straight Cut mini

Jesus Montero, Mariners SP

GQ Pack 12

Hanley Ramirez, Marlins
Ian Kennedy, D'Backs
Eddie Mathews, Braves

Dutin Pedroia, Red Sox Sliding Stars.  I like these a lot and I know some of them are plays at the plate, but it's too hard to tell anything about them and you can't see the catchers. 

Pablo Sandoval, Giants mini.  I think they slimmed the Panda up a bit. 

Trayvon Robinson, Mariners Glove Stories. 

Vintage "Pack" 11

1970 Topps Tom Tischinski.  Thomas Arthur Tischinski played three years in the majors and has one more career homer than most of us will ever have. 

1970 Topps Russ Gibson.  Gibson played 6 seasons, 3 for the Red Sox and 3 for the Giants.  He got two at bats in the 1967 World Series and struck out both times. 

1970 Topps Ron Brand.  That chest protector is absolutely tiny. 

1970 Topps Ray Fosse.  You can see Fosse being bowled over by Pete Rose in my Blogger avatar. 

Vintage "Pack" 12

1970 Topps Ed Herrmann.  That is one heckuva screen behind home plate. 

1970 Topps Dick Dietz.  Dietz thought Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.  What do you think?

1970 Topps Dave Watkins.  I love that fat old catcher's mitt.  I think I'm going to start looking for one of those old mitts for my collection. 

1970 Topps Clay Dalrymple.  I got a few Dalrymple cards in the Million Card Giveaway and Diamond Giveaway.  I probably should try to get the rest of them and be a Dalrymple Super Collector!!  Ah, don't you love exclamation points? 
Two more to go.  You'll get one tomorrow and then you'll have to wait until Monday for the final post.  It's going to feature a first for me. 

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  1. On Seinfeld the president of NBC, played by Bob Balaban is named Russell "Dayrymple". I wonder if there's a connection. Baseball is a recurring theme in the show.