Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gypsy Queen vs. Vintage: Round 5

I hope you enjoyed your one day break from the GQ vs. Vintage battle.  We're moving on to the second of the two GQ blasters.  You may have noticed the first blaster didn't provide a hit.  Let's hope this one is a little better. 

As a reminder, this is my look at the value of two blasters vs. a $40 vintage purchase from Blowout.  Let's get to it.

Gypsy Queen Pack 9

Sandy Koufax, Dodgers.  This is just a base card, but it's a nice one.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have a Koufax auto.  I'll have to settle for my 1966 Koufax.
Buster Posey, Giants
CC Sabathia, Yankees
Mariano Rivera, Yankees.  Hmm, a Giant and two Yankees.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. 

Cole Hamels, Phillies mini.  Well, it's a mini so there's that. 

Freddie Freeman, Braves Future Stars.  First it was Craig Kimbrel, now it's Freeman.  It's a Braves insert bonanza.

Gypsy Queen Pack 10

Brennan Boesch, Tigers
Paul Goldschmidt, D'Backs
Shaun Marcum, Brewers
Torii Hunter, Angels

Paul Goldschmidt, D'Backs mini.  Woo hoo, a Goldschmidt hot pack! 

Stan Musial, Cardinals Hallmark Heroes.  I'm beginning to like these HH cards. 

Vintage "Pack" 9

1971 Topps Johnny Edwards.  The orange uniforms of the 80's were better than these, but I like the Astrodome Patch.  This card just made an appearance on Night Owl's 1971 Topps Blog

1971 Topps Hal King.  I didn't realize Hal King played for the Rangers in 1972.  That means he was an Original Ranger. 

1970 Topps Buck Martinez.  Wow he looks young.  Buck would go on to play 17 seasons for the Royals, Brewers and Blue Jays.  He also managed for a season and change with the Blue Jays.  On a side note, 1970 was my birth year.  I know the '70 set is one of the ugliest sets going, but I'd still like to have a complete one.  It does share an ugly gray border with 2012 GQ.  Not that I'd be bragging. 

1970 Topps Bill Heath.  This was Bill Heath's last card.  He played 4 seasons for the White Sox, Astros, Tigers and Cubs.  He played in 112 games and had 199 at bats.  He had 0 homers and 13 RBIs.  That's 13 RBIs more than I'll ever have so good for Bill. 

Vintage "Pack" 10

1970 Topps Walt Hriniak.  Compared to Walt, Bill Heath had a monster career.  Heath played in 16 games for the Braves and 31 games for the Padres over two seasons.  He had a total of 25 hits, all singles, and 4 RBIs.   Again, 4 more than I'll ever have so good for Walt. 

1970 Topps Pat Corrales.  Corrales spent 9 years as a player and 9  years as a manager.  He managed the Rangers, Phillies and Indians.  He's the only manager to ever be fired while in first place.  The Phillies were only 43-42 (and in first) when he was fired in 1983. 

1970 Topps John Bateman.  Bateman was a member of the Astros, but the Expos selected him in the 1969 Expansion draft. 

1970 Topps Duffy Dyer.  Duffy Dyer was at the end of his career when I first started collecting cards.  I just remember thinking, "Wow, this guy's been playing since the '60s!"

Ok, that's a wrap.  Only three more of these to go. I know it's been a long ride, but I'll think you'll be pleased you made the trip. 


  1. a comment and a question:

    1) i am very much enjoying this series. my collecting and blog reading time has taken a hit lately, but i am enjoying catching up by following your comparison. plus i am a sucker for a series of posts to follow!

    2) and my question is how do you recognize the SP's in Gypsy Queen so quickly? do you have a list or something? or is there some way of knowing it right away?

  2. I myself have bought my first Gypsy blaster ... I must say I am quite impressed with everything. I even had two hits in it!

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  4. Nice Buck! He looks nervous...

    BTW, I just posted about the package you sent me.

    Thanks again!!! -Josh D.

  5. Kev, I answered your question via email! Thanks.