Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am Pumped!

It's Saturday!

I'm pumped!

The sun is shining on us (and Ian Kinsler) this morning as we head out to the ball field.

My son is playing the Red Sox today (Little League Sox) and the Rangers are down in Houston enjoying a little interleague rivalry with the future A.L. Astros.

Things were looking a little hazy last week.  My A/C was on the fritz, my wife's car had a short causing her brake lights to come and go and my back went out on me.

I fixed the A/C myself, so the temp in the house isn't redlining.

The brake lights are fine so my wife's car gets to keep playing, unlike poor Hank Blalock.

My back even feels better.  Look how happy Josh is about that.

Nothing chases the blues away like a beautiful weekend, some baseball and a Josh Hamilton Blue Refractor #/399.

You're looking at a small sample of the amazing Rangers I got from Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping.  He said he had a box or randomness for me and it was awesome.  The Rangers were great and random was too.  More to come!  Thanks Derek.

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